Υannis Anastasakis
NTNG Artistic Director, director, actor

He was born in Thessaloniki in 1964.
 He studied classics in Ioannina (1982-1986) and theatre at the Drama School of the NTNG (1986-1989). 
He was a founder member of the University of Ioannina Theatrical Company (THESPI, 1983) and the Theatrical Organisation Stigmi (1995).
 He was the Artistic Director of the Theatrical Organisation STIGMI (a private non-profit partnership, subsidised by the Greek Ministry of Culture from 1996 to 2011). 
He taught theatre directing at the Department of Theatre Studies at the University of Patras (2008-2012). 
He was a member of the Greek Ministry of Culture Committees for the entrance and final examinations of Drama Schools (2011-2015). 
He was a member of the Board of Directors of the “Minos Volanakis’ Friends” Association (2010-2013).
 He is a full member of the Greek Directors Guild, the Hellenic Actors Union and the Hellenic Film Academy. 

He directed the performances:
  1. Everything will be fine by F. X. Kroetz, STOA 2 (1995).
  2. Water drops on burning rocks by R. W. Fassbinder, STIGMI (1996).
  3. Snow by M. Vizki, STIGMI (1998).
  4. The thief cries “thief” by D. Psathas, Municipal and Regional Theatre of Ioannina (Winter and Summer 2000).
  5. The tale of love by J. Giraudoux, I. Horovitz, I. Goll, STIGMI (2000).
  6. Lot’s wife by M. Pontikas, National Theatre of Northern Greece (2001).
  7. Urracas, a voyage across the ocean, musical theatre performance, STIGMI (2001).
  8. Love of seven dolls by P. Gallico, STIGMI (2002).
  9. The Horseshoe by P. Mentis, Municipal and Regional Theatre of Serres (2002).
  10. I Trelovgenio (original title: Génie la folle) by Inès Cagnati, STIGMI (2003).
  11. Eliza by X. Kalogeropoulou, Municipal and Regional Theatre of Ioannina (2003).
  12. A Moment Before by S. Belbel, STIGMI (2004).
  13. Laios’s murderer and the ravens by M. Pontikas, STOA (2004) and Meetings on Ancient Drama in Delfi.
  14. Entelos Anaxioprepes (Completely inappropriate) by V. Katsikonouris, Stoa (2004)
  15. Ta dekatria rologia (The 13 clocks) by M. Tsima and Y. Anastasakis, a co-production by the Municipal and Regional Theatres of Agrinio and Patras (2005)
  16. Dying as a country by Dimitris Dimitriadis, Stigmi (2006)
  17. I Trelovgenio (Génie la folle) - 2nd version by Inès Cagnati, STIGMI (2007-2011).
  18. I am ugly by S. Belbel and J. Sánchez, Stigmi (2007)
  19. Noah’s family by X. Kalogeropoulou and Th. Moschopoulos, Municipal and Regional Theatre of Ioannina (2007).
  20. He supervised the direction of the first production of Panagiotis Mentis’ theatrical play I krifi pligi (The hidden wound) (2nd rehearsed reading - 2007).
  21. Na mou stilete mia republica (Send me a fedora!) by Romos Filyras, Stigmi (‘Argo’ Theatre, 2009 – ‘Mavromichalis’ Studio, 2011).
  22. With power from Kifisia by Dim. Kehaidis and El. Haviara, Municipal and Regional Theatre of Ioannina (2009).
  23. A midsummer night’s dream by W. Shakespeare (G. Kalantzopoulos’ adaptation), Municipal and Regional Theatre of Ioannina (2010).
  24. Apo tin kripti sto fos me tris mpakirenies dekares (From the crypt to the light with three copper coins) by E. H. Gonatas, Stigmi (2011).
  25. Mana, Mitera, Mama! (Mum, Mother, Mommy!) by G. Dialegmenos, Municipal and Regional Theatre of  Serres (2012).
  26. He supervised the performance and read Sotiris Dimitiou’s book I siopi tou kserohortou (The silence of the dried grass) (rehearsed reading at 2nd Fthinoporini Avlea, Municipal and Regional Theatre of Ioannina, 2012).
  27. Ta dekatria rologia (The 13 clocks) by M. Tsima and Y. Anastasakis, Municipal and Regional Theatre of Ioannina (2012).
  28. He supervised the direction and participated in the rehearsed reading Dimitris Hatzis, Our little town’s end (3rd Fthinoporini Avlea, Municipal and Regional Theatre of Ioannina, 2013).
  29. Semolinius by A. Adamopoulos, Municipal and Regional Theatre of Ioannina (2013).
  30. I Trelovgenio (Génie la folle) – 3rd version by Inès Cagnati, 
National Theatre of Northern Greece (2014).
  31. A Flea in Her Ear by Georges Feydeau, National Theatre of Northenr Greece (2016).
He directed the play Fontas by M. Efthimiadis for the Greek TV channel ΕΤ 1 (TV show Monday’s Theatre – Modern Greek one-act plays, 2006).
He collaborated in the direction of Aeschylus’ Agamemnon (Director: Th. Gonis, Municipal and Regional Theatre of Agrinio, Athens Festival (2005). 

As an assistant director he collaborated in the productions:

Fairy tale without a name by I. Kampanellis directed by Th. Papageorgiou, National Theatre (1995)
Volpone by Ben Johnson directed by M. Volanakis, National Theatre (1996)
Doña Rosita by Federico G. Lorca directed by N. Kontouri, National Theatre (1999)
Karagiozis the Great directed by G. Rigas, National Theatre of Northern Greece (2000)
Antigoni directed by N. Kontouri, National Theatre (2002)
The dead brother’s song directed by Th. Papageorgiou, Badminton Theatre (2015)

As an actor he played at:
STOA Theatre owned by Th. Papageorgiou (1991-1995: Blood Wedding by Federico García Lorca, Medea and Romeo and Juliet by Bost), Kyon by M. Guerin (directed by V. Papavasileiou)
NATIONAL THEATRE (Volpone by Johnson, directed by M. Volanakis, Dona Rosita by Federico García Lorca,  Antigone by Sophocles, directed by N. Kontouris, Persians directed by L. Vogiatzis, Roberto Succo directed by Efi Theodorou and Fortunato directed by Martha Frintzila)
National Theatre of Northern Greece (Cyclops, directed by D. Chronopoulos and Karagiozis the Great directed by G. Rigas)
POREIA Theatre (The Blind Spot, directed by Martha Frintzila and The Big Chimera, directed by D. Tarloou)
Athens Festival (he appeared in the play Arden of Faversham (directed by M. Moumouris in 2009 and in the play The Great Chimera, directed by D. Tarloou in 2014)
KANIGKOUNTA Group (Circles-Stories directed by Giannis Leontaris, Onassis Cultural Centre, 2013)
PANTHEON Theatre (Hercules-The 12 Labours directed by Apollon Papatheocharis, December to March 2015) etc.

He read poems of Vironas Leontaris in the Tribute to the Poet (November 2014, ODOU KIKLADON THEATRE).
As an actor he participated in the Lectern The roads of darkness (Direction: Chara Bakonikola) at the AGGELON VIMA Theatre and at HYDRIA (Thessaloniki).
In 2015 he played Lazar Wolf in the musical Fiddler on the Roof (directed by Rob Ruggiero) at the BADMINTON THEATRE (17th April -31st May) and at the Thessaloniki Concert Hall (5th - 8th June 2015).

In 1996 he was awarded the Honorable mention for Best Actor at the 19th Drama Short Film Festival for his performance in Giannis Leontaris’ film Close your eyes and colour (First National Quality Award, 1996).
He played in the short films of Kyriakos Chatzimichailidis (The Jaws of Death, 1996), Giannis Leontaris (Ice, 1990, Faceless, 1994, Close your eyes and colour, 1996 and Song of the oranges, 1999), Demosthenis Dimadis (The Murphy's Law, 1993), Nikoletta Gouli (Anna’s smile, 1997), Nancy Spetsioti (Consideration, 2013).

He also played in the feature films of Giannis Economidis (Soul Kicking, 2006, Knifer - Best Film Award by the Hellenic Film Academy, 2010, Little fish - Berlin International Film Festival, 2014), Giorgos Zafiris (Ephemeral town, 2000), Giorgos Servetas (Sitting and staring, Berlin International Film Festival, 2014) and in the Australian production entitled The kings of Mykonos, 2010.
He played in the filmed parts of the performance The Great Chimera (Prefect of Syros). Film Direction: Christos Dimas (July 2014, Athens Festival and since November 2014 Poreia Theatre).
In 2015 he played in the feature film of Christos Doumas Amore mio (Psychiatrist), in the feature film of Tasos Boulmetis Mythopathy (Mimis, the carpenter of the Trojan horse) and in the short films of Dimitris Nakos 4th March (Butcher) and Gratsounitses (Father) of Konstantinos Kalogridis.

He adapted the novel by Paul Gallico The love of seven dolls and the notebook notes by Romos Filiras My life in Dromokaiteio  (for the show: Send me a fedora!). He has written the lyrics for the Greek plays: Love of seven dolls, I’m ugly and A midsummer night’s dream. He edited the publication of Minos Volanakis Medea - Euripides (Bibliotheque publications).
In collaboration with Maria Tsima, they wrote the play Ta dekatria rologia (The 13 clocks, inspired from a novel of James Thurber) and adapted the novel of Inès Cagnati I Trelovgenio (Génie la folle).
From 2008 until 2012 he taught the course “Introduction to directing” (compulsory course of second year of study) and the courses “Direction 1” and “Direction 2” (elective courses of third and fourth year of study) in the Department of Theatre Studies in the University of Patras Greece.
He also taught Theatre (Theory and Practice) in the Kilkis Prefectural Committee of Popular Training 1(989-1990) and the Nea Filadelfeia Unified Lyceum “Miltos Kountouras” (as an hourly paid professor, 1991-1992).
He was responsible for the Theatrical Workshop of the Nea Makri Cultural Association “Apopeires” (2005-2009), the Educational Association of Nea Makri (2012-2015) and the Workshop of the group “Xoris Tsinora” (2013-2014).
He gave seminars on theatre in Syros (Cultural Center of Syros, 2009) and Agrinio (Mikro Theatro, 2010).

Performances he directed were presented in festivals in Greece and abroad: ANCIENT DRAMA MEETINGS -Delphi, DIMITRIA, BALKAN PERFORMING ARTS MARKET and OPEN THEATRE FESTIVALS-Thessaloniki, THEATRICAL MEETINGS-Kalamaria, Ermoupolia-Syros, MAY MONTH OF THEATRE-Kavala, MEETINGS WITH TOMORROW-Keratsini, SKAMPA INTERNATIONAL THEATRE FESTIVAL-Albania) etc.

Artistic Director of the National Theatre of Northern Greece since August 2015.
Last update: 6/7/2017

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NTNG Collaborations
. Victor, or Power to the Children / Roger Vitrac (Playwright) / Υannis Anastasakis (Director) - Theatre of the Society for Macedonian Studies (12/07/2019)
. 2nd Meeting of Young Artists of Southeast Europe / Simone Derai, Velimir Blanic, Ozren Prohic (Director) - Theatre of the Society for Macedonian Studies (22/09/2018)
. Participation in the 47th Book Festival in Zappeion / Loula Anagnostaki (Playwright) - Zappeio (31/08/2018)
. Orestes / Euripides (Playwright) / Υannis Anastasakis (Director) - Theatro Dassous (12/07/2018)
. Waiting for Godot / Samuel Beckett (Playwright) / Υannis Anastasakis (Director) - Vassiliko Theatre (03/02/2018)
. Autoimmune - A melodrame - Vassiliko Theatre – Foyer (04/10/2017)
. 1st Meeting of Young Artists of Southeast Europe / Giorgos Kolovos, Athina Dragkou, Alexandra Kazazou (Director) - Theatre of the Society for Macedonian Studies (22/09/2017)
. Action: Philippi - Ancient Theatre of Philippi, Kavala (09/04/2017)
. A Flea in Her Ear / Georges Feydeau (Playwright) / Υannis Anastasakis (Director) - Vassiliko Theatre (26/11/2016)
. The NTNG in Idomeni - Kilkis (27/09/2015)
. Trelovgenio / Inès Cagnati (Playwright) / Υannis Anastasakis (Director) - Lazaristes Monastery - Studio Theatre (7/2/2014)
[Adaptation, Director]
. Lot's Wife / Marios Pontikas (Playwright) / Υannis Anastasakis (Director) - Kilkis, Prefecture Event Hall (12/01/2001)
. Karagkiozis the Great / Fotos Politis (Playwright) / Giannis Rigas (Director) - Thessaloniki, Municipal Garden Theatre (Theatro Kipou) (01/08/2000)
[Director’s Assistant]
. The Knights / Aristophanes (Playwright) / Diagoras Chronopoulos (Director) - Theatro Dassous (17/08/1989)
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