The Knights

1989-1990 National Theatre of Northern Greece
The Knights - Aristophanes
Opening: Theatro Dassous, 17/08/1989

The 'Knights' describe the struggle of a servant, Paphlagon and a delicatessen shop owner, about who is going to win the favor of the people. With the continuous backing of the knights, in all the phases of the struggle, the delicatessen shop owner emerges as the winner crushing Paphlagon and succeeding him in the favor of the Municipality. Afterwards, he cleans Municipality from all his shameful deeds presenting it renewed with all its ancient beauty and majesty, ready to put into practice the most useful advice to regain his old happiness.

Playwright: Aristophanes
Translation: Ilias Spyropoulos
Costumes: Giorgos Ziakas
Composition: Mihalis Grigoriou
Choreography: Olympia Sideridou
Music Instruction: Aigli Hava-Vagia
Assistant Director: Εleni Triantafyllaki
8 performances - 15.460 spectators
Theatro Dassous (17/08/1989 - 10/09/1989)
Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus (25/08/1989 - 26/08/1989)
Ancient Theatre of Dion (02/09/1989)
Ancient Theatre of Philippi, Kavala (22/09/1989 - 23/09/1989)