The NTNG in Idomeni

The NTNG in Idomeni
Kilkis, 27/09/2015

The NTNG in collaboration with the non-profit organization ARSIS visited the refugees in Idomeni, a village in Northern Greece. In a period of recession and poverty, theatre lovers succeeded, a second time, to gather large amounts of food, clothes, shoes and other essentials for the refugees. Refugees are hopeless people, trying to escape violence and war. We support them.

Participation: Υannis Anastasakis
Participation: Tsima, Maria
Participation: Konstantina Matziri
National Theatre of Northern Greece
In cooperation with the NGO “Arsis”, the National Theatre of Northern Greece offered certain items (water, biscuits, juices and games) to our fellow-men refugees.
Kilkis (27/09/2015)
Kilkis (28/11/2015 - 30/11/2015)
Thanks to the people of Thessaloniki and the NTNG employees, food, water and toys were offered to the refugees and their children.
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