Lot's Wife

2000-2001 National Theatre of Northern Greece
Lot's Wife - Marios Pontikas
Repeat: Lazaristes Monastery - Studio Theatre, 19/01/2001
Opening: Kilkis, Prefecture Event Hall, 12/01/2001

Pantelis, a semi-insane lorry driver, cannot overcome his passion for his daughter Rina, with whom he also has a child that he is hiding in the house of Theodora, the woman he has been living with lately. This love triangle is imprisoned within its common secret and their impasse increases, as the illegitimate child grows older. Someone must find a solution, but when Pantelis takes the initiative at the end, the only thing he manages to become an accomplice in their new crime.

Playwright: Marios Pontikas
Costumes: Kelly Vrettou
Composition: Sotiris Demponos
23 performances - 1.673 spectators
Kilkis, Prefecture Event Hall (12/01/2001 - 13/01/2001)
Lazaristes Monastery - Studio Theatre (19/01/2001 - 11/02/2001)