A Flea in Her Ear

“A FLEA IN HER EAR” by Georges Feydeau
EMS Foyer
Opening: 26 November 2016
What happens when you put a flea in the ears of married couples for the “sin of Unfaithfulness”? Who is the victim and who the aggressor, when the erotic impulses of both sexes grow dangerously and the marital fidelity is threatened? Unfaithfulness is as old as the institution of marriage, however, the social disdain varies from time to time, from society to society, from civilization to civilization.
Surrealism is at its peak in this comedy by Georges Feydeau, the master of farce. The comic plays a dominant role in a game of misunderstandings and reversals through which the bourgeoisie of early 20th century recognizes itself, its fantasies and its unfulfilled desires.
Raymonde, a married upper class lady is persistently being courted by several potential suitors, she, however, states that she remains loyal to her husband, lawyer Victor-Emmanuel, provided, of course, that he does not “slump” first in sin. How innocent, however, is Victor-Emmanuel? “Hot” revelations are made, as some friends, acquaintances and relatives of the couple intervene and get themselves involved in the search of where the truth ends and where the lie begins...
“A Flea in Her Ear” was written in 1907 by Georges Feydeau, one of the most important French playwrights of the time. A genuine farce at its best, the play is an excellent reflection of the Belle Époque.

The play has been presented one more time at the National Theatre of Northern Greece in 1992 directed by Evis Gabrielidis.
The production will be staged at Vassiliko Theatre, directed by Yannis Anastasakis, who has directed two more NTNG productions: “Lot’s Wife” (2001) and “Trelovgenio” (2014).
The director notes: “Feydeau writes an outrageous farce that tests our logic and causes effortless laughter! The amazing similarity of Victor with Poche brings the universe in turmoil! But the point of the comedy is not just this diabolical coincidence. With merciless humour this great French writer mocks the civil society and its mores and sets an explosive mechanism that if triggered, there will be nothing left... The excellent translation by Minos Volanakis captures in an ingenious way the sparkling spirit of the play and the sweet innocence of his heroes”.
Taxiarhis Hanos plays both leading roles (Victor-Emmanuel/Poche).

“A FLEA IN HER EAR” by Georges Feydeau
Translation: Minos Volanakis
Direction: Yannis Anastasakis
Sets: Vasilis Papatsarouchas
Costumes: Giorgos Ziakas
Music: Giorgos Christianakis
Lighting: Vasilis Papakonstantinou
Choreography: Eva Sofronidou
Assistant Director: Thanos Feretzelis
2d Assistant Director: Thanasis Kritsakis
Assistant Set-Costume Designer: Maria Mylona
Production Co-ordination: Athanassia Androni
Cast (in order of appearance):
Giorgos Kafkas (Isidore), Vivi Mitsiska (Eugenie), Tasos Pezirkianidis (Ferraillon), Athanasios Raftopoulos (Camille), Kostas Santas (Doctor), Evi Sarmi (Louise), Dimitris Siakaras (Tournel), Polyxeni Spyropoulou (Raymonde), Giorgos Sfyridis (Baptistin), Eva Sofronidou (Olympia), Chrysa Toumanidou (Antoinette), Giannis Tsatsaris (Englishman), Thanos Feretzelis (Histangua), Taxiarhis Hanos (Victor-Emmanuel/Poche).

Opening: Saturday 26 November 2016
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