1st Meeting of Young Artists of Southeast Europe

1st Meeting of Young Artists of Southeast Europe
Theatre of the Society for Macedonian Studies, 22/09/2017

The National Theatre of Northern Greece organizes the 1st Meeting of Young Artists of Southeast Europe entitled «Ancient Drama and Politics» from 22 to 29 September 2017.

The meeting aims to link the valuable inheritance of Ancient Drama with the contemporary artistic creation and to provide motives to young artists to deal with ancient theatre texts. Moreover, new perspectives and correlations with the contemporary social and political reality will be emerged.

During the week, a series of workshops and lectures will be held and performances will be presented, all this aimed at highlighting modern views and approaches to Ancient Greek Drama and the results of cooperation between artists with different cultural backgrounds. Simultaneously, open presentations and discussions with the public are in program.

Workshop: Aris Biniaris
Workshop: Simos Kakalas
Director: Giorgos Kolovos
Master classes: Georgina Kakoudaki
Director: Athina Dragkou
Presentation: Ivana Nenadovic
Master classes: Alexandra Kazazou
Participation: Cezaris Graužinis
Presentation: Konstantinos Pavlidis
Coordination: Υannis Anastasakis
Coordination: Nikiforos Papandreou
Coordination: Savvas Patsalidis
Coordination: Gianna Tsokou
Participation: Dimitris Dimitriadis
Coordination: Amalia Kontoyanni
Coordination: Mihalis Sionas
Coordination: Tsima, Maria
National Theatre of Northern Greece
Participation in the workshops and masterclasses is free of charge. General Entrance to the shows: 5 €

2 weekly workshops - 31 participants
2 masterclasses - 43 participants
4 lectures – 350 spectators
3 performances - 807 spectators

In total 1.231 spectators
Theatre of the Society for Macedonian Studies (22/09/2017 - 29/09/2017)
Taking part in workshops and performances will be provided at no cost for certain groups/artists members that will be chosen by an artistic committee. Travelling and overnight expenses for groups and individual artists that live overseas are payed by NTNG.
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