King Lear

2008-2009 National Theatre of Northern Greece
King Lear - William Shakespeare
Opening: Vassiliko Theatre, 28/02/2009

King Lear is considered by many critics as Shakespeare’s greatest play. Man’s existential angst, his tragic conflict with fate, old age, death and madness, the struggle to take over power but also the corruption induced by exerting this power are recorded insuperably in Shakespeare’s poetic masterpiece, which –written in a time of conflict and political turmoil– sounds today extremely contemporary. The play is staged in a new modern translation by Dionisis Kapsalis and features actors of Greek theatre’s younger generation.

Translation: Dionisis Kapsalis
Composition: Thodoris Abazis
Choreography: Nikolaj Karpov
Dramaturge: Amalia Kontoyanni
Assistant Director: Stella E. Papadimitriou
56 performances - 20.034 spectators
Vassiliko Theatre (28/02/2009 - 24/05/2009)
National Theatre, Belgrade, Serbia (29/05/2009 - 30/05/2009)