Neda and The Dogs

2006-2007 National Theatre of Northern Greece
Neda and The Dogs - Theodora Dimova
Opening: Lazaristes Monastery - Studio Theatre, 16/03/2007

A series of wrong choices will lead Zara in a terrible deadlock. Neda, her daughter will try to save her. However before even knowing, she will be also found in a road without return. Will she find the courage to look deeply inside her and break her silence? Will she manage to find relief?In the theatrical world of Dimova there are no heroes to cut the Gurdian knot and become kings. Her heroes are simple, everyday people, members of a family trying to communicate with each other, find their stability and escape from the painful situations they are living in. Teodora Dimova, one of the most interesting voices of the contemporary Bulgarian dramaturgy, takes us, in a unique way, in the journey of her heroes, making us spectators, fellow travelers and participants of their imaginary life.

Playwright: Theodora Dimova
Translation: Zdravka Mihailova
Director: Tassos Ratzos
Dramaturgical Advising: Amalia Kontoyanni
Text supervision: Amalia Kontoyanni
Costumes: Sotiris Stelios
Composition: Yuri Stupel
Choreography: Konstantinos Gerardos
Lighting: Yannis Toumbas
Assistant Director: Lila Karydi
Assistant Director: Savvas Katirtzidis
37 performances - 990 spectators
Lazaristes Monastery - Studio Theatre (16/03/2007 - 13/05/2007)