The Celebration (Festen)

2016-2017, 2017-2018 National Theatre of Northern Greece
The Celebration (Festen) - Thomas Vinterberg, Mogens Rukov, Bo Hr. Hansen
Repeat: Theatre of the Society for Macedonian Studies – Foyer, 08/10/2017
Opening: Theatre of the Society for Macedonian Studies – Foyer, 18/11/2016

“Festen” was introduced to the Greek audience by the Thomas Vinterberg film, which rocked the cinematic world of the time when it was first screened in 1998. It was the first film of Dogme 95, the filmmaking movement created by Lars von Trier, together with other Danish filmmakers to create a film form, which would not rely on the technical means, special effects and contracts that give viewers an illusion of reality.

What we did in ‘Festen’ was closely connected to theatre, I guess the most the two arts can connect”, said Vinterberg. In 2004, the British David Eldridge adapted the screenplay for the theatre, depositing a masterpiece to the modern repertoire. A play that focuses on family and could be considered a modern tragedy.
Giannis Paraskevopoulos, who has already directed 13 plays for the NTNG, says:

Dogme 95 was created by a group of directors and aimed at creating a more pure cinematic form. It was a way for directors to react against the domination of producers and film traditions giving viewers the illusion of reality. The film industry became a ‘glamorous situation’ at the expense of the characters and the plot, at the expense of the character seen on the screen. At a time when the theatre in many cases is also a ‘glamorous open situation’, the potential of putting on ‘Festen’ makes me feel the need to create along with my colleagues our DOGME and to look again at what the core of theatre is: Man”.

Playwright: Thomas Vinterberg
Playwright: Mogens Rukov
Playwright: Bo Hr. Hansen
Theatrical adaptation: David Eidridge
Translation: Manolis Dounias
Songs interpretation: Magdalini Bekri
Assistant Director: Aris Ninikas
Second Assistant Director: Giorgos Hiotis
Production Photography: Tasos Thomoglou
78 performances - 4.354 spectetors (1st year)
Theatre of the Society for Macedonian Studies – Foyer (18/11/2016 - 05/03/2017)
National Theatre of Greece, Athens (06/07/2017 - 09/07/2017)
Theatre of the Society for Macedonian Studies – Foyer (08/10/2017 - 07/01/2018)
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