Lysistrata project

2013-2014, 2014-2015 National Theatre of Northern Greece, NTNG International activities
Lysistrata project - Aristophanes
Repeat: City Hall of Thessaloniki, 15/10/2014
Opening: City of Brussels, 08/04/2014

Τhe National Theatre of Northern Greece supporting the initiative held by a member of the European Parliament: prof. Chrysoula Paliadeli, and with the collaboration of the Municipality of Thessaloniki as well, targeting to the emergence of the city at the European Parliament, participates with a short theatre performance which is based on the theatrical play by Aristophanes Lysistrata.
This symbolic selection of his political thought, his sharp word and his deepest humanistic worldview, during a period in which the European countries were afflicted or they have been under threat from the socio-economic crisis, the author Aristophanes, free from any folkloric motifs or from the vulgarity with which his work is often treated, he opens a discussion field between the “past” and the “present” and he gives a possibility for a subversive, a timeless and also timely approach to the current condition in Europe.
The theme of “utopia”, and the original critique and satirical aspect of his work, provide the requirements for the completion of a contemporary, artistic work with concrete political dimensions.
The myth of Lysistrata, given through the perspective of the new forms of war and their implications, is personified as four female figures, who are preparing to occupy the Parliament, and they demand the end of any kind of war.
The goal of this performance/event is the emergence of the universality of this play, its connection to today’s condition, and to remind us that the element of “protesting” does not oppose to any authority, but contributes to raising awareness and to the necessity of getting involved in the public sphere for the common good.

Playwright: Aristophanes
Free rendering: Giannis Paraskevopoulos
Assistant Director: Eva Koumandraki
Assistant Director: Apostolos Karaoulis
Advisor - Collaborator: Amalia Kontoyanni
Art Distribution Note
Special thanks to Thomi Papadimitriou, for her kind offer of a number of costumes used in the performance.
4 performances - 1.060 spectators
City of Brussels (08/04/2014)
Lazaristes Monastery - Foyer (25/06/2014)
Austria (04/10/2014)
City Hall of Thessaloniki (15/10/2014)
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