Greece-Austria: A Tie!

2012-2013 Graz, Schauspielhaus (Austria), NTNG International activities
Greece-Austria: A Tie!
Repeat: Lazaristes Monastery - Studio Theatre, 3/10/2013
Opening: Austria, Graz, Schauspielhaus, 22/6/2013

Corfu was the favourite island of Princess Sissy. Goethe felt admiration and nostalgia for Greece as a modern "Arcadia." The country that gave birth to civilization has always attracted and exercised a great influence on the German-speaking world, promoting tourism as its main industry. The place where Zorba the Greek danced served for many years as a model for Northern Europeans, who admired the pure way of life of its people, their manners and customs, the food, and even the quirks that were part and parcel of the reputation of the Greek people.

Sets-costumes supervision: Sarantos Zervoulakos
Research: Christian Mayer
Dramaturgical Advising: Christian Mayer
Dramaturgical Advising: Amalia Kontoyanni
Dramaturg: Marlin Merhoz
2 performances – 315 spectators
Austria, Graz, Schauspielhaus (22/06/2013)
Lazaristes Monastery - Studio Theatre (03/10/2013)
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