PHORA (Phobia - Racism STOP)

2012-2013, 2013-2014 National Theatre of Northern Greece
PHORA (Phobia - Racism STOP)
Repeat: Classrooms, 1/4/2014
Opening: Classrooms, 31/01/2013

The aim of this project is to raise awareness to young students against the danger of racism and totalitarianism, a phenomenon which seems to gain power in Greece, with evident signs even inside schools. The subject is approached using experiential methods through drama in education, followed by extended conversation with the students and their teachers. The students are lead to set the crucial questions themselves and then attempt to explain the reasons leading to the assumption of violent and racist behaviour as well as to detect ways of replacing this with more effective solutions.

Pho-ra is a socially oriented theatre project, supported by the Union of Theatres of Europe, linked to the NTNG production "The Wave" by Ron Jones, directed by Yannis Rigas.

Procuration: Amalia Kontoyanni
Text composition: Amalia Kontoyanni
Text composition: Tryfonia Aggelidou
Text composition: Lila Vlachopoulou
Text composition: Giannis Sampsalakis
67 performances - 3.236 spectators
Classrooms (31/01/2013 - 28/04/2013)
Classrooms (01/04/2014 - 20/05/2014)
"fora" in Greek means "urge", "boost"
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