The Passing

2011-2012 NTNG International activities
The Passing
Opening: Paris, France, 13/2/2012

The play is about the reception of immigrants in the modern western world. A performance during which the spectators watch a woman actress in contrast to video material projected to a screen. The anxiety of immigrant wanderings to gain a position in their final destination is met with that of a dominant persona - the receptor of immigrants, narrating the maladies of cultural infection.

The performance was presented at the MC93 in Bobigny in Paris, during the official presentation-one day conference on the European "Liquid Frontiers" Project

Text selection: Amalia Kontoyanni
Video Art: Giorgos Koftis
Αpproximately 100 spectators
Paris, France (13/02/2012)
The "Liquid Frontiers" Project as well as its official presentation in Paris are sponsored by the EU Culture Programme and the UTE.
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