Smoky Ideas

2011-2012 National Theatre of Northern Greece
Smoky Ideas
Opening: Lazaristes Monastery - Sokratis Karantinos Stage, 10/11/2011

A pioneer theatrical action which, by means of narration, treats the gradual transformation of Athanasia (Immortality) into 'Anastasia' (Ressurection), a woman able to be reborn just by quitting smoking. The transformation takes place through a continuous interaction of image and speech, as the flow of images supported by video projection meets the dynamics of live speech delivered by an actor. The final goal, stemming from an approach at times serious and at times playful, is for the spectator to become a part of this procedure, eventually receiving a feeling of power, self-confidence and optimism.

Costumes: Stella Rapti
Video: Ada Liakou
Lazaristes Monastery - Sokratis Karantinos Stage (10/11/2011 - 08/04/2012)
Lazaristes Monastery - Studio Theatre (25/11/2011 - 26/12/2011)
Vassiliko Theatre (10/02/2012 - 08/04/2012)
Theatre of the Society for Macedonian Studies (18/03/2012 - 20/05/2012)
The social action of NTNG “Smoky Ideas” is staged under the auspices of the Hellenic Thoracic Society and realized with the support of Pfizer Hellas.

The final date of performances is approximately scheduled
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