The National Theatre of Northern Greece is the largest theatrical and cultural organization of our country today. Since 1961, it has functioned as an active nucleus for culture in the city of Thessaloniki, presenting significant theatrical productions and cultural events, both on a national and international level, educational programs and a number of other activities.

In order to successfully support these endeavors, the support and assistance of collaborators is crucial.

The NTNG suggests various proposals of collaboration which offer significant promotion of the sponsoring companies through the NTNG’s advertisement program. These companies are promoted to a wide audience in our city as well as during national and international tours, while they also contribute and participate in the development of the cultural heritage of our country.

Furthermore, the institution of sponsoring cultural events dates back to ancient Greece. In order to support and strengthen this institution, the Ministry of Culture provides a rather favorable regulation with law no. 3525/07, “Cultural Provision”, according to which, the grant derives fully from the taxable income of the tax-payer or the pre-net income of the company offering the grant.

For further information, please contact the NTNG. Public Relations Department at tel. 2310.253397.