You Are Special (with folk tales)

2008-2009 National Theatre of Northern Greece
You Are Special (with folk tales)
Opening: Vassiliko Theatre, 16/12/2008

This year, the National Theatre of Northern Greece is happy to present the second part of 'You are Special' with folk tales. It is an optimistic love story based on elements extracted from four Greek folk tales. A wish, a promise, a teller who plays 7 parts, a prince who turns into a white owl, a country girl who changes into a flower, a stubborn king, and a precious ring are all protagonists together with our spectators in a 30 minutes portable theatre production for children in hospitals. It is a play about all those who are in trouble in the middle of an adventure and need hope, courage, faith and support to overcome difficulties. Three actors play, sing and dance with the companion of an accordion ready to take off for a five month tour in hospitals, Child Cancer and Special Education.

Adaptation: Sextou, Persefoni
Composition: Dimitris Maramis
60 performances
Vassiliko Theatre (16/12/2008)
“AHEPA” Hospital, Thessaloniki (17/12/2008 - 10/04/2009)
“Gennimatas” Hospital, Thessaloniki (18/12/2008 - 09/04/2009)
“Hippokration” Hospital, Thessaloniki (19/12/2008 - 07/04/2009)
Infectious Diseases Hospital, Thessaloniki (30/12/2008 - 08/04/2009)
Papageorgiou Hospital, Thessaloniki (07/01/2009 - 02/04/2009)

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