A Game of Chess

2007-2008 National Theatre of Northern Greece
A Game of Chess - Antonis Doriadis
Opening: Lazaristes Monastery - Studio Theatre, 07/02/2008

Time is violent and tender. It accentuates lasting colors. The struggle transpires for survival. Struggle after the mourning. The chess pieces are Discord and Friendship. He and she are battling across each other. The detachment lies in the level of feelings as well as in the level of ideas. The game is fast, the moves resemble electrical discharges, brief pauses create the need for answers. Life or death? A question that leads to many others, or many questions that lead to one?

Playwright: Antonis Doriadis
Costumes: Rania Yfantidou
Composition: Kostas Dimouleas
Choreography: Tatiana Myrkou
Assistant Director: Katerina Amanatidou
33 performances - 2.024 spectators.
Lazaristes Monastery - Studio Theatre (07/02/2008 - 18/05/2008)
1x4: Alternate Repertory