The Breath of Life

2007-2008 National Theatre of Northern Greece
The Breath of Life - David Hare
Opening: Lazaristes Monastery - Studio Theatre, 23/11/2007

Two women, a retired curator and Islamic specialist and a popular novelist, meet in a rural town of England. They shared the same man for 25 years. The wife and the lover. Searching inside themselves, trying to cut loose ends. Always with the man present. The play was written in 2002 and was a phenomenal success at the Royal Haymarket Theatre in London. The two heroines of the play were played by Judi Dench and Maggie Smith.

Playwright: David Hare
Translation: Christos Karhadakis
Translation: Tassos Bantis
Assistant Director: Viky Alexaki
53 performances - 3.672 spectators
Lazaristes Monastery - Studio Theatre (23/11/2007 - 20/01/2008)