Amazing Thailand

2004-2005 National Theatre of Northern Greece
Amazing Thailand - Lenos Christou
Opening: Lazaristes Monastery - Studio Theatre, 18/03/2005

Two young men escape from the jungle of the big city and go to Thailand, where they take refuge in the tropical vegetation and the wild animals. Their peace is disturbed by the coming of one of the young men's whole family. That's when unbelievably funny incidents start taking place. Beautiful Thailand is not easy to coexist with the Greek mentality these people carry and this creates unique happenings and tragic-comic situations. The play balances between situation comedy and subversive farce.

Playwright: Lenos Christou
Movement consultant: Dimitris Kaminaris
Director’s Assistant: Konstantina Matziri
Assistant Choreographer: Tatiana Myrkou
53 performances - 4.150 spectators
Lazaristes Monastery - Studio Theatre (18/03/2005 - 18/05/2005)
Sykies, 'Manos Katrakis' Open Theatre (15/05/2005 - 18/05/2005)
Municipality of Panorama, Thessaloniki (23/06/2005)