Tracing Iliad

2004-2005 National Theatre of Northern Greece
Tracing Iliad
Opening: Evosmos, Thessaloniki, Multi-cultural High School, 02/02/2005

For the third successive year the educational programme Tracing Iliad is presented with great success inside school classes.The small troupe of the National Theatre of Northern Greece takes off for the future, lands in the past and returns to the present, richer in ideas, images and experiences. What is, the thread connecting this journey through time?Five thematic unities from the Iliad of Homer in N. Kazantzakis-I.Th. Kakridis translation, are presented in a theatrical form with a pararell scenario of action, in an effort to show how a text, looking academic nowadays, is transformed through theatre, to a text direct and lived by the pupils.

Stage instructor: Nikos Voudouris
Text selection: Nikos Voudouris
Text supervision: Aneta Liaptsi
Participation: Aneta Liaptsi
225 performances - 6.200 spectators
Classrooms (02/02/2005 - 22/04/2005)
Classrooms (02/02/2006 - 12/05/2006)
Classrooms (14/11/2006 - 30/03/2007)
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