Maroula's Luck

2004-2005 National Theatre of Northern Greece
Maroula's Luck - Dimitrios Koromilas
Opening: Lazaristes Monastery - Sokratis Karantinos Stage, 08/10/2004

'It's outrageous . . .' uncle Linardos, Maroula's father, say about the stone he brought from the island intending to sell it at a high price as an antiquity in Athens! The same could be said about 'Maroula's luck' , a play written towards the end of the 19th century. But let us take a second look at the stone as well as the play: A stone that comes and 'breaks' the glasses of the windows of an Athenian mansion, allowing us to enter its private quarters and watch a mosaic of characters where, for centuries now, love and fraud meet as well as happiness and poverty, the little and the great and everything contradictory that is part of us. The heroes get together in a maypole of relationships with humor and singing, in bitter and joyful moments. The stone gives us the opportunity to meet them . . . let's follow it!

Composition: Stamatis Kraounakis
Music Instruction: Nikos Voudouris
Assistant Director: Konstantinos Vatougios
126 performances - 22.966 spectators
Lazaristes Monastery - Sokratis Karantinos Stage (08/10/2004 - 16/01/2005)
Tour (24/02/2005 - 20/04/2005)