The Wedding Ring - The Backgammon

2003-2004 National Theatre of Northern Greece
The Wedding Ring - The Backgammon - Dimitris Kehaidis
Opening: Lazaristes Monastery - Studio Theatre, 16/04/2004

'The wedding ring'. Three elderly men, who have not experienced the joys of love and life are talking about Maria, a young, beautiful woman, who has visited one of them at his jewellery store to order a wedding ring. Maria therefore is for them a pretext that lets their unfulfilled wishes come true through their imagination and makes their miserable life a little less insufferable.

'Backgammon'. Over a game of backgammon, Fontas, a man of the world, tries to persuade Kolia, a former hero of the Resistance who now sells lottery tickets, to take part in a put-up job that will make them both rich and members of the 'high society'. Five genuine, popular, familiar, recognizable, both tragic and comic characters form an ensemble that sums up the essence of the philosophy of modern Greece. Kechaidis treats his heroes with humor and sympathy, sketching out the portrait of the Greek who, in search of a better life, resorts to deception and illusion.

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31 performances - 2.330 spectators
Lazaristes Monastery - Studio Theatre (16/04/2004 - 23/05/2004)