Slowly Blushing

2003-2004 NTNG Dance Theatre
Slowly Blushing
Opening: Lazaristes Monastery - Studio Theatre, 26/03/2004

Five human beings, are born and experience their wild transformation and fulfillment as women. The stage is filled with double beds, an endless bedroom where five women become the pieces of their own erotic puzzle. Each one separately and all together, invade their female nature and uproot the remains of anything male from their hearts and their bed. With an intense need to bare her soul, a woman looks at herself in the mirror and passes right through it. She discovers the wild beast hidden inside of her. The dancers meet with the great passion and volatility that are a part of every woman without depriving her of her femininity. Trapped in an environment filled with erotic memories, each one identifies the moment she severs her ties with the female herd and dances alone for the absent male. All of them lie on the only piece of furniture that offers them the sweet sensation of security; they wake, they sleep, they dream, frightened by their nightmares, screaming, holding on to their half of the man-woman. Only at the end, when they have all told their stories, does the man appear on stage. He clears the space, pushing the beds into a corner of the stage, and thus, delivered and redeemed, they dance on wearing their high-heeled shoes.

Choreography: Katerina Papageorgiou
Sound design: Kostas Papahristou
Assistant Choreographer: Oliver Hartman
6 performances - 451 spectators
Lazaristes Monastery - Studio Theatre (26/03/2004 - 04/04/2004)