Aging Succesfully

2001-2002 National Theatre of Northern Greece
Aging Succesfully - Giorgos Skampardonis
Opening: Vassiliko Theatre, 05/04/2002

An ordinary woman that is getting old, is a monologist. At some moments she roars. Some others, she whispers. She stammers. She has horrible insistences, phobia of the water. She has deliriums about stolen love: her births, her guilts, her dead baby. Also, about the everyday silent killings. She is vomiting real and fake names. The days, the memories are twisted by the dream, the alienation, the loss, the short-term happiness. Her personal destiny is involved deeply with the adventurous history of Macedonia and Thrace from the years of dictatorship till today. A woman survives. She rebels through a yellow dress. She is passing too close from the tragedy. She is aging successfully.

Theatrical adaptation: Giorgos Skampardonis
Theatrical adaptation: Sotiris Hatzakis
Costumes: Ersi Drini
Music supervision: Kostas Vomvolos
Sound composition: Kostas Vomvolos
Choreography: Elena Vakalopoulou
Special constructions: Tina Parali
Special constructions: Despoina Dani
22 performances - 7.748 spectators
Vassiliko Theatre (05/04/2002 - 10/05/2002)