Twelfth Night

1999-2000 National Theatre of Northern Greece
Twelfth Night - William Shakespeare
Opening: Lazaristes Monastery - Sokratis Karantinos Stage, 10/12/1999

After a shipwreck, young Viola reaches the coast of Illyria. Believing that her twin brother Sebastian has drowned, she disguises herself as a boy and enters the household of duke Orsino as a maid, under the name Cesario. Viola-Cesario falls madly in love with Orsino, who is in love with Countess Olivia, who, in turn, falls deeply in love with Cesario-Viola. This amorous merry-go-round, is surrounded by the wise-madman Feste, the permanently drunk servant Tobby, the nave Sir Andrew, the scheming maid Maria, the intolerable butler Malvolio and the twin brother Sebastian, who turns up in the meantime to further complicate things. Twelfth Night or What you Will, challenges the viewer to release himself into the attractive world of Shakespearean romantic comedy, where anything can happen for the sake of love.

Choreography: Konstantinos Rigos
Lighting: Andreas Bellis
Assistant Director: Lili Vafeiadou
Assistant Choreographer: Amalia Bennett
57 performances - 14.949 spectators
Lazaristes Monastery - Sokratis Karantinos Stage (10/12/1999 - 06/02/2000)