An educational programme for secondary school children in the Thessaloniki area
Inspired by Luis Sepúlveda’s short novel “The Story of Mix, Max and Mex” about a blind cat and a mouse that become friends and using techniques of Educational Drama, Body Music and Visual Vernacular, this educational programme deals with issues such as challenging social prejudices and conventions, the value of friendship and the acceptance of diversity.
Director: Elli Merkouri
Theatre educator: Elli Katodrytou
Production Coordinator: Foteini Tsakiri
Actors: Filia Kanellopoulou, Zoi Kousana, Arman-Edouardos
DATES: 10/12/2019 - 22/05/2020
INFORMATION-RESERVATIONS: Foteini Logothetidou, 2315 200 071, [email protected]
The educational programme is part of the programme bearing the general title “The NTNG in education”, a part of the “Human Resources Development, Education and Lifelong Learning” Operational Programme.