The Apple of Milos

1995-1996 National Theatre of Northern Greece
The Apple of Milos - Andreas Staikos
Opening: Mylos, Thessaloniki, 21/03/1996

'at Milos, our island, the happiness is in reign'. The new act of Andreas Staikos is taking place in Milos at the beginning of the eighteenth century. The island is the sink of pirates of the Mediterranean sea and the commercial center of their prizes, is well known for its loose morals. The most famous whorehouse of the island belongs to Marousa, an old lady of the island, who after her husbands death made her house into a 'store of joy'. Marousa, her three girls, and a peculiar employee of the whorehouse, the so called 'Chancellor', are all waiting for the arrival of the famous corsair Olivier de Patatrak. The slothful whoring of the whorehouse, the narration of erotic stories of the girls and the theatrical games of Chancellor will be upset with the coming of the corsair. As in all of his previous works, Andreas Staikos, writer and director, has written 'Apple of Milos' ('Milon tis Milou') during the three-month testing. During these three months, writer and actors did a journey to the past, identifying the stories of the act's persons by testing, then choosing and discarding, having as their guide the language, a theatrical language, which's home no matter place or time seems to be above all the scene of theater.

Playwright: Andreas Staikos
Director: Andreas Staikos
Costumes: Lina Fanouraki
Assistant Director: Efi Giannopoulou
33 performances - 997 spectators
Mylos, Thessaloniki (21/03/1996 - 05/05/1996)