Three sisters

OPENING: 09/11/2019
DAYS & TIMES: Wednesday at 18:30 | Thursday, Friday & Saturday at 20:30 | Sunday at 19:00
TICKET SALES: NTNG Box Offices (Τ. 2315 200 200) | | Τ. 11876 

A few words about the play
With the enthusiasm of youth and the values and everything else that comes with their bourgeois upbringing, the three sisters and their brother dream of a glamorous life in faraway Moscow. Time passes and they continue to live in the small Russian provincial town, where another way of life, very distant and other—almost vulgar—haunts their daily lives and gradually alienates them from it. The future draws in, bringing new frustrated expectations with it.
 Frittering away their time with dreams and idle chatter, the three sisters prove incapable of taking charge of their own lives, sink into compromise and fail to act on their desires. The only imaginary sites of escape left to them now are elsewhere and after.
 Written in 1900, Anton Chekhov’s play is a study of the Western psyche as it strains under the weight of a complex personality and proves itself unprepared for the demands of the coming age. In “Three Sisters”, the nature of man and human relations are depicted on stage through the prism of the turn of the 20th century and the transition to a new society.
Director’s Note
About “Three Sisters” by A. P. Chekhov
What does the elegant and melancholy world of the “Three Sisters” hold in store for us?
I assume that the observant doctor Chekhov was reflecting on how passionately and inevitably our losses mature as he wrote his saddest and most vicious work. Sooner or later, all of us begin to learn the art of separation—from our loved ones, our lovers, from our innocence, illusions and expectations. Farewells, farewells and more farewells mark our journey, one might say. This exhausting journey, one might add.
 So why continue? And with occasional bouts of joy...

The NTNG is staging “Three Sisters” this year to mark the 40th anniversary of its first production (Theatre of the Society for Macedonian Studies, November 1979). 
Translation: Giorgos Sevastikoglou 
Direction: Cezaris Grauzinis
Sets: Kenny MacLellan
Costumes: Claire Bracewell
Music: Martynas Bialobzeskis
Movement: Edgen Lame
Lighting: Alekos Giannaros
2nd Director’s Assistant: Iordanis Aivazoglou
Set-Costume Designer’s Assistant: Maria Mylona
Production Coordinator: Filothei Eleftheriadou

With: Markos Gettos (Fedotik), Maria Karamitri (Anfisa), Ifigenia Karamitrou (Masha), Alexandros Koukias (Tuzenbach), Christos Mastrogiannidis (Rode), Manolis Mavromatakis (Chebutykin), Lena Natsi (Irina), Christos Ntaraktsis (Batman), Kleio-Danai Othonaiou (Natalia Ivanovna), Grigoris Papadopoulos (Vershinin), Apostolos Pelekanos (Kulygin), Giorgos Sfyridis (Ferapont), Samson Fytros (Solyony), Konstantinos Chatzisavvas (Andrey Prozorov), Christina Christodoulou (Olga)