The Bathhouse

1995-1996 National Theatre of Northern Greece
The Bathhouse - Vladimir Mayakovsky
Opening: Theatre of the Society for Macedonian Studies - Hyperoon Stage, 13/12/1995

In the late 20's in Soviet Union, a scientist has invented a time machine, with which humans can be transferred to the future. Through the machine, some important news arrived: From the communist future, a visitor is expected to arrive the next day! The emotional outburst is great, but there exist mechanical problems that threat the canceling of the event. Besides, a terrible commissar is another obstacle as he does not approve the funds for the program of the time machine. After huge difficulties, 'a phosphorescent woman' finally comes from the future, and reverses the calm state. The last piece of Mayakovski is consisted of funny situations, continuous and unexpected subversives of the plot, caustic comments over the communist society and it parodies the present through a prophetic projection in the future.

Translation: Aris Alexandrou
Assistant Director: Kyriaki Spanou
Theatre of the Society for Macedonian Studies - Hyperoon Stage (13/12/1995 - 06/03/1996)
Municipal Theatre of Stavroupoli, Thessaloniki (20/12/1996 - 02/02/1997)