1992-1993 National Theatre of Northern Greece
Helectra - Sophocles
Repeat: Theatro Dassous, 02/09/1992
Opening: Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus, 10/07/1992

The tragedy Helectra represents the last and the most mature creative period of Sophocles. It recounts the murder in the palace of Atreides, which reaches its peak with the matricide of Orestes. It's about the tragedy of the release of man against fate. Helektra stays alone to bring in the end the catharsis which is taking place with the murder of Klitaimnistra and Aigisthos . She is a tragic heroine who sets off from the very first moment her passion to take revenge. All the tragic poets have used the history of the House of Atreides, although the difference in Sophocles's play is that the matricide takes place with the consent of Gods and is absolutely justified. The guilt and the punishment weigh exclusively on Klitaimnistra and thus Erynies don't follow Orestes who gets released with his action.

Playwright: Sophocles
Translation: Giorgos Heimonas
Composition: Giorgos Kouroupos
Choreography: Eleni Gassouka
Lighting: Tom Stone
Music Instruction: Aigli Hava-Vagia
Assistant Director: Εleni Triantafyllaki
Assistant Director: Sofia Karakantza
31 performances - 26.343 spectators
Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus (10/07/1992 - 11/07/1992)
Ancient Theatre of Dion (18/07/1992)
Ancient Theatre of Philippi, Kavala (24/07/1992 - 25/07/1992)
Open Theater at Egnatia Park, Alexandroupoli (31/07/1992)
Theatro Dassous (02/09/1992 - 05/09/1992)
Frankfurt, Germany (08/05/1993)
Taipei, Taiwan (17/05/1993)
Ancient Theater at Oiniades, Messolongi (13/08/1993)
Odeon of Herodes Atticus, Athens (26/08/1993 - 27/08/1993)
Theatre of the Society for Macedonian Studies - Central Stage (21/11/1993 - 08/12/1993)
Epidaurus Festival
Athens and Epidaurus Festival
Olympus Festival
Filippoi-Thassos Festival