Daylong Summer Art Workshop exclusively for children (4-11 years old)
‘’This summer we’re off on holiday to the… Theatre!’’

From June 18 to September 7, for the third year running, the National Theatre of Northern Greece invites the city’s ‘’little artists’’ to a world of expression and imagination, a world that develops their creativity and frees their emotions through the visual and performing arts. Until today, 1500 children have visited the art workshops of the NTNG… and the journey continues…

Through the game, the children discover, learn, express themselves, socialize and create their own world, by having fun.

Have you ever thought of how many stories a wall has heard?
Do you want to go for a ride in a hot-air balloon, on a steamboat, on a galley or on an elephant?
Do you believe that is easy for a beauty to fall in love with a beast?
How much semolina does a princess need to create her beloved one?
What kind of scarecrow loves and wants to fly with birds as opposed to frightening them?
Who wants to try a pair of shoes that will make them dance without stopping?
What would it be like if the children were in charge?
Do you like long walks?

If you see yourself in any of these scenarios, then put on some spare clothes and comfy shoes, take your hat, your sunglasses and your sunscreen and come to the Vassiliko Theatre for some action and some fun!

11 weeks full of theatre, music, movement, dance, visual creations and games on the grass, in order to stimulate creative thoughts and physical expression.

A group of experienced educators organise eleven (11) thematic weeks for pre-school and school age children −special groups for children of 4-5, 6-7, 8-9 and 10-11 years old− with activities such as: guided tours of the theatre, interactive walks (cultural-educational activities outdoors), music, dance-movement, scenography, theatre, narration, projections, painting, special constructions. This is not only the children’s first initiation into art, but also into English, since the teachers will use some English words.

Indicative daily program:
07:30-09:00 children’s arrival and leisure time
08.15-09.00 breakfast
09.30-11.00 outing to the grass of the Vassiliko Theatre and a visit to a museum
11.00-12.00 activity*
12.00-13.00 activity*
13.00-14.00 lunch and leisure time
14.00-15.00 activity*
15.00-16.00 leisure time and children’s pickup
* the activities, as they are written above, vary during the weekly program

Weekly program per theme:
18-22 June: “Peacemaker” - David Holman
25-29 June: "Beauty and the Beast’’
2-6 July: ‘’Around The World In 80 Days’’ - Jules Vern
9-13 July: ‘’ The Secret Garden’’ - Frances Hodgson Burnett
16-20 July: ‘’Pirate in Love’’ - Themis Moumoulidis
23-27 July: ‘’Puk’’ - Valery Petrov
30 July -3 August: ‘’The Spiceman’’ - Alexandros Adamopoulos
6-10 August: ‘’Mathias the First’’ - Janusz Korczak
20-24 August: ‘’The Red Shoes’’ - Robin Short
27-31 August: ‘’The Scarecrow's Dream’’ - Evgenios Trivizas
3-7 September: ‘’Petros' War’’ – Alki Zei
The Daily Art Workshops for children take place from Monday to Friday, 7:30 – 16:00, during the whole summer period (18 June – 7 September).

Participation in the program is flexible.  You can choose from one week minimum to as many weeks you wish (with the possibility of a delayed arrival and an earlier departure). The groups conform to specific standards (small groups, strict age homogeneity), in order to ensure their educational values.

The NTNG understands the financial difficulties associated with the current climate. As such, it does keep the price the same and combines low fees and high quality. The participation fee is 70 € / per week. Should a second child from the same family enroll, the fee is reduced to 60 € / per week.

The same discount (60 € / per week) is valid for enrollments up to fifteen days before the workshop’s launch.  FREE breakfast and lunch are provided.

Download the application form here and the relevant statement here, fill them in and submit them both to the Central Box Office of Vassiliko Theatre.

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The workshop’s cost includes the children’s insurance cover during their stay at the Theatre. Every Wednesday, 09:30-10:30, parents can have a guided tour of the theatre, since it’s important to know both the workshop’s process and the environment where their children spend their time creatively. 

Participants are kindly requested to have with them a hat, sunscreen, water and spare clothes with them.

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Part of the Daylong Summer Art Workshop cost is covered by the kind support of the following companies: IKEA is provides equipment for the laboratories' premises, MALLIARIS PUBLISHINGS supply the stationery, books and board games, the companies To Tsoukalli-Greek Cuisine, THESgala & Tsakiris Family carry out children’s alimentation and Interlife-Insurance covers children's insurance during the workshop.
Enrollments start on 25 May 2018.
Enrollements should be made up to 4 days before the start of the week you wish to attend.
Program Supervisor: Konstantina Matziri
Information: Monday to Friday, 10.00-14.00                                                              
Contact Number: 2315 200029