1991-1992 National Theatre of Northern Greece
Acharnians - Aristophanes
Opening: Theatro Dassous, 23/07/1991

'Acharnians' written in 425 B.C. when the Peloponnesian War was in its 6th year causing people immense misery suffering the most, starving and dying from plague. Although, the demagogues- warmongers desired the continuing of this absurd war for their own interests, as they were getting advantage of the circumstances and reached official posts. In this stormy period the poet dared to write and put on the 'Acharnians', sending messages of piece towards all the Athenians. Representative of Aristophanes in the play is Dicaeopolis (personification of Justice) a simple citizen who makes separate peace with the enemy, and since then he lives in wealth and bliss, which contrast the privation and degradation of the rest of the Athenians. All the scenes of the play enlighten the same subject: the necessity of people for peace and the denunciation of war along with all those who promote it.

Playwright: Aristophanes
Composition: Christos Pittas
Choreography: Maria Gkouti
Music Instruction: Aigli Hava-Vagia
Assistant Director: Mihalis Papamihalis
Sculptures: Efthymis Tsomakos
9 performances 8.942 spectators
Theatro Dassous (23/07/1991 - 08/09/1991)
Ancient Theatre of Philippi, Kavala (02/08/1991 - 03/08/1991)
Odeon of Herodes Atticus, Athens (20/08/1991 - 21/08/1991)
Filippoi-Thassos Festival
Athens Festival