Dance and Theatre

Dance and Theatre - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Jean Cocteau
Opening: Vassiliko Theatre, 14/06/1991

The programme of the performance includes four parts: ' suite for two' in Bach's music with narrative parts from extracts of plays of, Roland Barthes Pascal Brukner, the monologue 'In the feast' of Jean Cocteau , in Nino Rota's music, an extract from Faust of Goethe (the scene in prison) and the ballet 'Valpourgies Nights' from 'Faust' of Gounaut.

α. -
Choreography: Dimitra Koronaiou
Composition: Bach
β. -
Playwright: Jean Cocteau
Composition: Nino Rota
γ. -
δ. -
Choreography: Vitali Vladikin
Composition: Charles Gounod
Performances: 5 - Spectators: 636
Vassiliko Theatre (14/06/1991 - 16/06/1991)
Theatro Dassous (30/08/1991 - 31/08/1991)