Educational Programme
PEACEMAKER” by David Holman
Directed by: Konstantina Matziri
Opening: 7 November 2017

The National Theatre of Northern Greece presents the new Educational Programme PEACEMAKER by David Holman directed by Konstantina Matziri.

A production with emphasis on acceptance, empathy and friendship addressed to students of Elementary School. Τhe programme will be presented from 7 November 2017 in school classrooms.

David Holman is an English playwright with over seventy plays to his credit.  His works were originally intended to be played in schools, but soon appeared throughout the world. RSC (Bolton Octagon and Theatre Centre) commissioned him to present his works all over the world and since l983 he has worked between England and Australia.

Two communities. A wall between them and a ban on communication. An atmosphere of suspicion and mistrust. A meeting that may change attitudes and behaviours. 

How do we handle our anger? How do we behave to people who are different from us? How do we express our friendship? How can we create a peaceful community at school?

Directed by: Konstantina Matziri
Educational material: Eirini Zoi, Aneta Liaptsi
Production photography: Tasos Thomoglou
Production Coordinator: Valentini Kalpini

Giannis Grezios (Bluey)
Thomai Ouzouni (Simp)
Evanthia Sofronidou (Franny, Guard)

PEACEMAKER” by David Holman
School classrooms
Opening: 7 November 2017

Information-reservations: Monday to Friday, 2315 200 039