Opening: 17 November 2018, 12:00pm
 2nd year
For children aged between 8 months and 4 years old

“It wakes up, plays, hides, throws, turns on, turns off, dresses, dances, drinks, nods, mum, look!”

The National Theatre of Northern Greece presents Katerina Karadima’s Look!,a show for young children aged between 8 months and 4 years old, at Vassiliko Theatre.

Katerina Karadima is the director of “Look!”, the story of how a baby spends an entire day at home, where it discovers sounds and shadows, it hides, appears and plays with anything that resembles a toy. Flying feathers, bouncing balls, changing colours, flowing water and a baby grows, little by little, to become a child. Mum could be somewhere around or maybe not, but every time something important happens, the baby needs to share with her the surprise and joy of discovery. Everything is summed up in a simple word, “Look!”.

The Theatre for very young children is a special type of theatre not particularly widespread in Greece. After a 4-year observation of a baby’s actions and reactions and research on what young children’s theatre really is and how it is aimed at a baby, the director has prepared a surprise show not only for young children (aged between 8 months and 4 years old), but also for theatre lovers who wish to experience this unique theatrical performance. 

The show was a production of Mikro Theatro in the town of Agrinio, where it was first presented before it moved to Porta, Xenia Kalogeropoulou and Thomas Moschopoulos’ theatre, for the 2016-2017 season.

The process is simple and tender…

Mums and dads come to the theatre with their babies for the first time. They leave their prams at the theatre foyer. They carry their babies in their arms or hold the older ones’ hands as they go onto the stage where they sit on cushions and watch a theatrical baby waking up on its bed. And just like that, a world full of colours, sounds and images unfolds in front of their eyes! Mum’s affection adds to this cocooning atmosphere. Babies might laugh, cry, talk or even sleep; this is part of the show as well. A unique experience for parents and children!!!

Conceived & Directed by: Katerina Karadima
Sets-Costumes: Lili Kirili
Artistic Collaborator: Antonis Mikrovas
Production Photography: Tasos Thomoglou
Production Co-ordinator: Valentini Kalpini

Performed by: Marianna Avramaki

Running time: 30 min.
The text was translated from Greek by students at the Joint Postgraduate Studies Program (J.P.P.S.) “Conference Interpreting and Translation” of the Faculty of Philosophy of the Aristotle University, under the supervision of Dr. Christopher Lees