A Punch in the Face (Eins auf die Fresse)


In this bold play written in 1996, Rainer Hachfeld observes a group of fifteen-year old teenagers after one of their classmates commits suicide. How much does the loss of lonely Matze affect them?

In short scenes full of action, Hachfeld deals, in a contemporary way, with the issues of bullying, violence, friendship, responsibility, fear, loneliness, sexuality, family and school relationships.

The play, which remains for over two decades in the repertory of the legendary Grips Theater, one of the most important European theatres for young audiences, is staged in Greece for the first time by the NTNG.

Director’s Note
A high school student commits suicide.
Why? What happened?
Who are to blame?
Every time we read and re-read the play with the troupe, we become more aware of the complex landscape of violence, bullying and interdependence.
No one is innocent. But we are rarely aware of our responsibility.
Blinded by our own problems, we do not see, we do not realize the impact of our indifference and silence. We get rid of our guilt by transferring our responsibility to someone else. We do not live consciously and through our ignorance we become part of the chain of violence and strengthen it.
It seems that behind both the perpetrators and the victims hides a desperate need for love, recognition, respect, relationship.
We all ask for love. But we do it in the wrong way.

“A Punch in the Face” by Rainer Hachfeld
Directed by: Stella Mihailidou
Lazaristes Monastery – Sokratis Karantinos Stage
Opening: Sunday 5 November

Translated by: Gianna Tsokou
Directed by: Stella Mihailidou
Sets: Lila Karakosta
Costumes: Elina Eftaxia
Music: Kostas Vomvolos
Movement: Stella Mihailidou
Lighting: Nikos Vlassopoulos
Video Art: Babis Venetopoulos
Assistant Directors: Anni Tsolakidou, Areti Mihou
Assistant Movement: Areti Mihou
Assistant Set Designer: Kelly Efremidou
Assistant Costumes Designer: Malamati Efthymiadou
Production Photography: Tassos Thomoglou
Production Coordinator: Dimosthenis Panos
Stage Manager: Valentini Kalpini

Katerina Alexi                        Lana Schmitt
Fani Apostolidou                  Marie Louise Blohme (Minnie)
Yannis Harissis                      Mr Kunewski, Lucky’s Father
Anna Kyriakidou                  Mrs Schmitt, Lana’s Mother
Nikos Milias                            Sven Sommerland 
Nikos Ortetzatos                    Mr Sommerland (Max), Sven’s Father
Stefanos Pittas                      Lukas Kunewski (Lucky)
Thodoris Polyzonis              Mr Ratzenauer (Ratze), Teacher
Vassilis Seimenis                  Mr Erbach, Mathias’ Stepfather  
Fotini-Dimitra Timotheou    Mrs Erbach, Mathias’ Mother
Mara Tsikara                          Mrs Blohme, Minnie’s Mother 
Stergios Tzaferis                  Mr Förster, School Principal 
Musician-DJ: Dimitris Kapetanios / Panagiotis Mitsopoulos
BREAKDANCE SHOW by: Klemend Xhelo & Kolahasvili Revazi of BLACKOUT CREW

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School ticket: 6 € (Valid for groups)
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