Οrlando” by Virginia Woolf
Adapted & directed by: Io Voulgaraki
Lazaristes Monastery - Studio Theatre
28, 29, 30/9 & 1/10/ 2017

Io Voulgaraki adapts and directs “Οrlando” by Virginia Woolf, starring Amalia Kavali.
A creature, free of the usual human constraints of ageing and death, begins life as an English nobleman in the Elizabethan era and reaches the 20th century as an emancipated woman. It goes through countless experiences, both as a man and as a woman, experiencing life with great intensity and in constant search of profound human connection; of that ‘voice responding to another voice’. However, can people ever truly connect?

The production
This production shows us Orlando in the present, in the ‘here and now’ just before her end. On the threshold of death, she recounts the greatest moments of her life in her ultimate endeavour to achieve human connection. Through the process of recollection, she is again confronted with her most extreme experiences, at times earthly and natural, and at others transcendental. She tells her story from the beginning, as we always do when facing the unknown or death.
The production was presented last year at the Skrow Theatre in Athens and will be repeated at the same theatre in October 2017.

Duration: 70 minutes

Translated by: Alexandros Issaris
Adapted & directed by: Io Voulgaraki
Set-Costumes: Magdalini Avgerinou
Lighting: Karol Jarek

Cast: Amalia Kavali