NTNG’s participation in the celebration of Thessaloniki’s liberation from the Nazi troops

The National Theatre of Northern Greece participates in the events organized by the Municipality of Thessaloniki celebrating the city’s liberation from the Nazi troops on Sunday 30 October.

A Historical Walk is organized, a tour of various locations in town where historical events took place. One of the stations is Vassiliko Theatre. There, at 13.00, NTNG actors will present texts on the liberation of the city.
The participating actors are Katerina Alexis, Giannis Karamfilis, Anna Manta, Christos Ntaraktsis.
Texts Selection: Maria Tsima
Coordination: Christos Ntaraktsis
October 30th was established as official public holiday for the Municipality of Thessaloniki with Presidential Decree. It is worth noting that the road passing in front of Vassiliko Theatre that leads to the City Hall was renamed “October 30th, 1944”.