Would you like to hear a poem?

Would you like to hear a poem?
Thessaloniki, Waterfront, 25/8/2016

Before sunset, somebody may whisper in your ear a line by Seferis or Kavafis. Around 7 in the afternoon, while taking a walk on Thessaloniki’s waterfront, somebody may ask you: Would you like to listen to a poem?

Six NTNG actors, armed with… poems have set the goal to spice up your walk through poetry. Because poetry is not written only to be read but also to be spoken and heard.

Coordination: Haris Papadopoulos
National Theatre of Northern Greece
19:00 to 20:00, every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
Thessaloniki, Waterfront (25/08/2016 - 09/09/2016)
Thessaloniki, Aristotelous Sq. (05/10/2016)
Thessaloniki (22/12/2016 - 23/12/2016)
Lazaristes Monastery (30/12/2016 - 07/01/2017)
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