Daylong Summer Art Workshop for Children

2015-2016 National Theatre of Northern Greece
Daylong Summer Art Workshop for Children - Dimitris Tsilinikos
Opening: Thessaloniki, 21/06/2016

From June 21 to September 9, the National Theatre of Northern Greece takes you to a world of expression and imagination where children develop their creativity through visual and performing arts.

A group of experienced educators has created for preschool and school age children (special groups for children 4-5, 6-7, 8-9 and 10-11 years old) eleven (11) different thematic weeks with specific activities such as:  guided tours at theatre venues, interactive walks (cultural-educational activities outdoors), music, dance-movement, theatre, narration, projections, painting, special constructions. On this journey children find out, learn, express themselves, socialize and create the world they want. But above all they have fun!

The Workshops will take place from Monday to Friday, 7:30 – 16:00, during the whole summer period (21 June – 9 September).  Participation in the programme is versatile.  You can chose from one week minimum to as many weeks you wish (with the possibility of a delayed arrival and an earlier departure). The groups conform to specific standards (small groups, strict age homogeneity), so that their educational nature is ensured. 

Further information about the registrations, the participation fee (per week), the special prices that will be valid for registrations up to fifteen days before the workshop’s launch, as well as for additional benefits (lunches) shall be soon announced.

The NTNG this Summer choses to transform the children’s world creatively! Art makes children strong!

Project Manager: Konstantina Matziri
Coordination: Eftihia Argyropoulou
Theatre educator: Eirini Zoi
Theatre educator: Aneta Liaptsi
Theatre educator: Maria Hatziaggelidou
Theatre educator: Maria Mpaha
Theatre educator: Thomai Ouzouni
Theatre educator: Athina Bezi
Theatre educator: Eleni Giannousi
Theatre educator: Ioanna Talbi
Sets-costumes supervision: Peni Ntani
Sets-costumes supervision: Elina Eftaxia
Kinesiology: Efi Drosou
Kinesiology: Thanos Feretzelis
Choreography: Aggeliki Nikolaidou
4 age groups - 48 classes - 11 weeks of workshops - 698 children
Thessaloniki (21/06/2016 - 09/09/2016)
Programme Supervisor: Konstantina Matziri.
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