2016-2017, 2017-2018 National Theatre of Northern Greece
GKIAK - Dimosthenis Papamarkos
Repeat: Lazaristes Monastery - Studio Theatre, 12/10/2017
Opening: Lazaristes Monastery - Studio Theatre, 18/02/2017

Georgia Mavragani talks about the performance:

At a wedding table somewhere in the villages of Locris, the diners unfold their stories, stories of Gkiak. Gkiak, in the language of Arvanites, means blood, consanguinity, vendetta, revenge and race. The protagonists of these stories, Arvanites from the villages of Locris, have fought in Asia Minor and experienced the violence of war. When they return home they are not the same anymore. They will collide with the traditional values of the society they grew up and they will be deeply shocked when they realize that nothing is the same. They will confide their stories and reveal to us moral and psychological dilemmas while, at the same time, they will present their personal ‘document’ about the violent transformation of the modern Greek state”.

Adaptation: Georgia Mavragani
Costumes: Artemis Flessa
Assistant Director: Vassilis Kalfakis
Assistant Director: Smaro Kotsia
Second Assistant Director: Styliani Dalla
Production Photography: Tasos Thomoglou
37 performances - 3.510 spectators (until 2/4/17)
Lazaristes Monastery - Studio Theatre (18/02/2017 - 02/04/2017)
Hall of Arts, Kozani (06/04/2017 - 07/04/2017)
National Theatre of Greece, Athens (05/10/2017 - 08/10/2017)
Lazaristes Monastery - Studio Theatre (12/10/2017 - 30/12/2017)
THOC, Nicosia, Cyprus (12/01/2018 - 13/01/2018)
Born in 1983 in Malesina, Locris, Dimosthenis Papamarkos began writing in 1998. “Gkiak” is his latest work. In 2015, it was awarded the Academy of Athens Award and the Literary Short Story Award of “Anagnostis” Magazine.
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