From Euripides "Helen" to Modern Greek Poets

2015-2016 National Theatre of Northern Greece
From Euripides "Helen" to Modern Greek Poets
Opening: Univercity of Macedonia, 27/05/2016

For the second consecutive year the cooperation for Theatre Education between the NTNG and the University of Macedonia continues. The group which was created last year with the presentation of the "Polyphonic Analogion 1" continues this year with the performance:  “From Euripides "Helen" to Modern Greek Poets”

Instead of director’s note

... However - who knows - maybe when someone resists without hope, maybe there human history begins, perhaps there begins the beauty of man among the rusty iron and bones of bulls and horses, perhaps there someone resists hopeless among ancient tripods, where still some little laurel burns and smoke rises in fading in the sunset like the golden fleece, where someone resists, perhaps there, human history begins.

Yannis Ritsos

... Much is said about the causes that led
the Trojans and the Greeks to conflict
in 1400 B.C., in Ionia.
Our most modern theories talk about the habit
of looting that we still have today.
Organised gangs of countries, companies, kings,
besieged, burnt and grabbed
herds, treasures, women, slaves.
Yannis Yfantis

Director: Nikos Voudouris
Text supervision: Dimitris A. Kolovos
Translation supervision: Dimitris A. Kolovos
Digital support: Avraam Goutzeloudis
Assistant Director: Haris Papadopoulos
Assistant Director: Avraam Goutzeloudis
Assistant Director: Katerina Sotiraki
Assistant Director: Giannis Tsiavos
2 performances - 460 spectators
Univercity of Macedonia (27/05/2016 - 28/05/2016)
Ceremony Hall of the University of Macedonia, Friday 27 and Saturday May 28 at 20.30
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