Turn off the screen and come to fantasy’s balcony

Turn off the screen and come to fantasy’s balcony
Opening: Vassiliko Theatre, 08/05/2016

Children's souls... some enclosed in colourful screens... some dressed up as pirates fighting the harshness of youthful spontaneity... and others trapped in the bubble of fantasy. They all pass in front of the audience to remind them of the undeniable value of friendship, to make this story a lesson about life and life as a fairy tale.

Leda loses her childhood friend Angelos to the computer and the Internet. In an effort to bring him back to their games, she enlists all fictional heroes that together, the two of them, had created: Ouranoulis and Ifestoulis, the inhabitants of Achyroupoli and many others. But unfortunately, Angelos has long ceased to see through the eyes of imagination.

As she follows this path, Leda meets a new friend. A lonely girl with a pirate eyepatch  –unwanted by all other kids– with whom she immediately bonds and in return she helps her in her reconnection attempt with Angelos.

Angelos however, has been totally captivated by the knowledge and the entertainment provided by the computer and so he hardly notices them.

Until... something unexpected happens.

Until... he finds himself in a situation he would have never imagined.

Will Leda and Anna be able to help him?

Who else will stand by their side?

A play presented by the Theatrical Group of Argos Orestiko, which consists of primary school and high school students.
Vassiliko Theatre (08/05/2016)
The purpose of the show is to ignite even a small flicker of hope to those children whose fate uprooted them from their country and entrapped them in ours. So instead of a ticket, the audience can contribute by donating medicines which will be distributed to the refugee children through the Doctors of the World organization. Antibiotics, antihistamines, painkillers, medicines for the stomach and dermatological ointments are needed mostly.
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