NOAH’S FAMILY” by Xenia Kalogeropoulou-Thomas Moschopoulos
Director: Stella Mihailidou
Opening: 9 October 2016
A performance about the story of the flood. While the whole world is sinking, an ark is struggling with the waves. Thoughtful Noah, his children and grandchildren, along with dozens of animals, not only domestic but also wild, are traveling and fighting for survival.
They do not only have to cope with the waves, but at times, also, with the relationships they have one with the other. In the confined space of the ark, the roommates clash and reconcile, become angry and forgive, disagree and cooperate, get disappointed and hope. They get to know the others and themselves better. They also wonder about a lot of things: nature, our place in it, history and what we can learn by it, being open to new things. Although they rarely get a satisfactory answer, they learn to raise questions and to recognize the value of the journey.
As Stella Mihailidou, the director of the performance notes, “Noah’s Family” is: “a play full of energy, tenderness and humour. A play for children and adults alike, that reflects our world, our relationships, our lives”.

NOAH’S FAMILY” by Xenia Kalogeropoulou-Thomas Moschopoulos
Direction-Movement: Stella Mihailidou. Sets: Antonis Dagklidis. Costumes-Special Props: Martha Foka. Music: Kostas Vomvolos. Lighting: Sakis Birbilis. Video Art: Babis Venetopoulos. Assistant Director: Anni Tsolakidou. Assistant Stage Designer: Elina Eftaxia. Special Props Assistant: Katerina Vafeiadi. Production Co-ordination: Marleen Verschuuren.
CAST: Foulis Boudouroglou (Noah), Chryssa Zafeiriadou (Lia), Nikos Ortetzatos (Simos), Anna Kyriakidou (Ruth), Fani Apostolidou (Eva), Nikos Rammos (Ham), Aristotelis Zacharakis (Zacharias), Sofia Papanikandrou (Chachouni).

Areti Michou participates.
MUSICIANS ON STAGE: Dimitris Kritsimis (clarinet), Giannis Mastrogiannis (violin), Panagiotis Barlas (piano)
Anna-Maria Vasiac and Vaggelis Kouroupis assisted in the making of special props.
Tuesday - Friday: 10.30 (for schools)
Sunday 11:00 (for the public)
General admission: 10 €
School ticket (workweek performances): €6
Family ticket: One adult for free. The NTNG offers a free ticket to one of the two accompanying adults.