Palace of the End

2015-2016 Cyprus Theatre Organisation
Palace of the End - Judith Thompson
Opening: Lazaristes Monastery - Studio Theatre, 11/05/2016

The play consists of three monologues telling real-life tales of the Iraq War.
The characters are Lynndie England, a US Army reservist, Dr. David Kelly, a British weapons inspector and Nehrjas Al Saffarh, an Iraqi mother and member of the Iraqi Communist Party.

“Palace of the End”, a perfect blend of harsh poetry and lyrical narrative that captures the fragility of human beings, moves the audience with its clear statement about war: there is no winner. Whichever side of the war we find ourselves at, we lose. Women, children, men, soldiers, politicians... we’re all vulnerable. It also speaks about our responsibility in the conflict, our ignorance and fear of the “other”, our society of lies.

This extraordinary triptych is political theatre at its best: it warns without preaching, it tells without prejudice. It’s the kind of conversation that deserves to be held in a theatre.

Playwright: Judith Thompson
Translation: Stela Fyrogeni
Translation: Nikoleta Kalatha
Director: Lenia Sorokou
Director: Stela Fyrogeni
Costumes: Lisa Tsouloupa
Video Art: Nikoleta Kalatha
Sound design: Giorgos Christofi
2 performances - 137 spectators
Lazaristes Monastery - Studio Theatre (11/05/2016 - 12/05/2016)
“Palace of the End” will be performed only twice in Thessaloniki, as part of the agreement between the NTNG and the THOC which was sealed with a Cooperation Protocol signed this January in Cyprus by these two leading cultural organisations.
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