12 angry men

2015-2016 Production: A PRIORI
12 angry men - Reginald Rose
Opening: Theatre of the Society for Macedonian Studies, 14/04/2016

New York, 1957. A sixteen year old foreigner, a boy, is charged with murder.  12 jurors have to decide whether the death penalty is to be imposed. The timeless prejudices of our society are reflected in this psychographic study of the 12 characters, unveiled before us in the most violent way. “12 angry men” locked up in a room, are called upon to decide unanimously on the life or death of a young man, and have to assume the burden and responsibility of their verdict.

Playwright: Reginald Rose
Dramaturgical Advising: Konstantina Nikoaidi
Dramaturgical Advising: Notis Paraskevopoulos
Assistant Director: Magdalini Palioura
Assistant Director: Katerina Konstantellou
Costumes: Kiki Miliou
Sound design: Nikos Tsekos
Duration: 90’
Theatre of the Society for Macedonian Studies (14/04/2016 - 24/04/2016)
The successful play which has received excellent reviews, 2 public awards and the 34th Corfu award for direction, is hosted by the National Theatre of Northern Greece in Thessaloniki.
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