Kantan 2

2015-2016 Α4Μ theater group
Kantan 2
Opening: Lazaristes Monastery - Studio Theatre, 15/04/2016

“Kantan” is based on the homonymous theatrical play of Yukio Mishima, a play belonging to Noh, a form of Japanese theatre.
A somatic performance where elements of the traditional Japanese Noh theatre and of the Japanese modern Butoh dance merge with modern music. This performance creates an audiovisual score whereby actors, dancers and musicians “meditate” on matters regarding life’s organic substance and its/our choices.
It is a play of exceptional beauty, poetic and cruel, posing questions about nature and human desire, politics, power, and wealth. Dream and reality, life and death intermingle until the moment of awakening.

A4M performing arts group
The experimental group of performing arts research A4M was founded in 2008 by the director-theatre researcher Athina Dragkou and the musician-actor Dimitris Papadopoulos. A4M is a non-profit organisation. The group’s main goal is to explore new theatrical forms through a holistic approach whereby theatre-speech, dance-music, music-breath-sound are inseparable. The group has presented their projects abroad, in Athens and in Thessaloniki.
In 2011 the Centre for Performing Arts A4M was created, where the group presented the 1st Asian Theatre Festival. Since then A4M performing arts group has organised and hosted there various seminars as well as experimental performances from Greece and abroad.
In 2015 the group represented Greece in the 13th Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space, PQ, with the play “Project Odysseys: Thessaloniki”.

Director: Athina Dragkou
Vocal composition: Dimitris Papadopoulos
Costumes: Koyouki Kako
Assistant Director: Mariiy Ventouri
Lighting design: Stelios Tzolopoulos
3 performances - 564 spectators
Lazaristes Monastery - Studio Theatre (15/04/2016 - 17/04/2016)
The performance was presented for the first time at Avlaia Theatre in 2014. The second version of the play with new elements and scenes is presented at the Studio Theatre of Lazaristes Monastery.

The “Tournament 5X5”, organised by the NTNG, gives to the new groups in our city the opportunity to present their work
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