BAND-ages: P.I.G.S. Resurrection

2015-2016 National Theatre of Northern Greece
BAND-ages: P.I.G.S. Resurrection - Christos Papadimitriou
Opening: Thessaloniki, Eightball club & live stage, 27/03/2016

- Remember brothers, we had a goal in our hearts. We pursue it.
- We entreated Babis to give us his aluminia.
- So Greeks had a point when they frequently referred to the weight of Tsolias' skirt. 
- Greece, the fall of a vendetta.
- Yes or no, what does it matter? Boinking unites us.
- And then the sea gulls flied away and snow begun to fall. Where I come from, reunion is what snow means.

In the winds Sorokos, Garbis, Pounentes or even Tramountana, pigs are able to pull through any adversity they meet. The PIGS (or P.I.G.S.) are resurrected and still singing. The BAND-ages return after quite a time and in a new haunt to comment through mirth, dance and some brio (and love of the fellow worker) on the wrongs of the grim reality that surrounds us. With their “speedy” dialogues, their “cool” orchestration and “groovy” choreographies they fight against the grouchiness and inauspiciousness of our time.

Six years since their first appearance with the play “Judgment time – A CRISIS-non revue” (2010) and three years since their last play “P.I.G.S.  Revolution” (2013), the NTNG's youthful group BAND-ages returns. «P.I.G.S. resurrection».

Music Instruction: Chrissa Toumanidou
Choreography: Thanos Feretzelis
Assistant Director: Chryssa Zafeiriadou
10 performances - 817 spectators
Thessaloniki, Eightball club & live stage (27/03/2016 - 24/04/2016)
Theatre of the Society for Macedonian Studies (09/04/2016)
“When emerging from your ashes, like a phoenix you shall relive”
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