1986-1987 National Theatre of Northern Greece
Penthesilea - Heinrich von Kleist
Opening: Theatre of the Society for Macedonian Studies - Central Stage, 20/12/1986

'Penthesilea' is the autobiographic play of Kleist par excellence. The plot takes place during the Trojan War. It is about a completely imaginary story concerning the war between the Amazons and the Greeks, who have camped in the plains in front of the country of Troy. Between the two lovers, the warlike queen of Amazons Penthesilea and Achilles, leader of the Greeks, the Trojan War is flaring up. The dangerous love game connecting them evolves in a frightful blood orgy. Love is identified with the function of death and disaster to the moment when Penthesilea devours her desirable love partner and afterwards she commits suicide using her poetic speech as a weapon.

Translation: Tzeni Mastoraki
Costumes: Lili Kentaka
Music supervision: Giannis Petridis
Assistant Director: Petros Zivanos
Special constructions: Tina Parali
Make-up artist: Ahilleas Haritos
Jewelry: Klairi Kazazi
25 performances - 4.331 spectators
Theatre of the Society for Macedonian Studies - Central Stage (20/12/1986 - 25/01/1987)