Seven Against Thebes


“Seven Against Thebes”
“Seven Against Thebes” by Aeschylus staged by the National Theatre of Northern Greece, a production which was greatly appreciated both by the critics and the general public last summer, is repeated again this year.

The uniquely energetic, poetic, political tragedy by Aeschylus, directed by the internationally renowned Lithuanian director Cezaris Graužinis and translated by the leading Greek poet Yorgos Blanas starts on Saturday June 24th at Dassous Theatre. It is the opening production of this year’s Epidaurus Festival on June 30th and July 1st. A big tour all over Greece and in Cyprus will follow.
Yannis Stankoglou will perform the role of Eteocles. Along Kleio-Danai Othonaiou (Antigone), Iovi Fragatou (Ismene), Giorgos Kafkas (Messenger), Alexandros Tsakiris (Herald), Giorgos Papandreou (Polynices) and 14 young actors as the chorus.

About the play
The conflict between the two sons of Oedipus is the theme of “Seven Against Thebes”. After his appalling actions were revealed to him, Oedipus left the throne to his two sons, Eteocles and Polynices. The two agreed to rule Thebes alternately. However, when the time came for Polynices to take reign, Eteocles did not keep his promise. This provoked the wrath of Polynices, who allied with the king of Argos Adrastus and organized a military campaign against Thebes. Seven leaders of each of the two rival armies lined up on either side of the seven gates of Thebes. Eteocles and Polynices faced one another in front of the seventh gate.

Eteocles is the lonely main character of the tragedy. Thebes is under siege and he is trying to organize a counter-attack in a battle doomed to end without a real winner.

Director’s Note
It seems, that all of us –not only people in Greece, but the people in the whole of Europe– are living with a feeling as if deathly threatening enemies are standing outside the fragile walls of our common miserable, but still comfortable, lives.

We don’t know the name of the enemy – our enemy has many masks, many names. Sometimes it even seems that our worst enemy has our own face, our own name.

We need a tragedy, in order to rediscover again that we are, nevertheless, humans and that our human fate is to be united. The iron and steel will turn to dust, we will remain in existence.

The team of creators of “Seven Against Thebes” are taking a challenge to explore, how the instinct of our common survival is going along with our need to remain human… which we have inherited from our ancestors, and which we are obliged to pass to our own children, against fear, against insecurity, against desperation.
Cezaris Graužinis

“Seven Against Thebes”
Translation: Yorgos Blanas
Director: Cezaris Graužinis
Sets & Costumes: Kenny MacLellan
Music: Dimitris Theoharis
Choreography-Movement: Edi Lame
Lighting: Alekos Yiannaros
Music Instruction: Panagiotis Barlas
Assistant Director: Athina Samartzidou
Assistant Set & Costume Designer: Maria Mylona
Production Co-ordinator: Filothei Eleftheriadou

Yannis Stankoglou (Eteocles), Giorgos Kafkas (Messenger), Alexandros Tsakiris (Herald), Kleio-Danai Othonaiou (Antigone), Iovi Fragatou (Ismene), Giorgos Papandreou (Polynices)
Chorus: Dimitris Drosos, Konstantinos Hatzisavas, Dafni Kiourktsoglou, Christos Mastrogiannidis, Stavrianna Papadaki, Grigoris Papadopoulos, Vasilis Papageorgiou, Alexia Sapranidou, Giorgos Sfyridis, Evanthia Sofronidou, Polyxeni Spyropoulou, Eleni Thymiopoulou, Loukia Vasileiou, Momo Vlachou.

The production is presented with supertitles in English.

  • 24 June – Thessaloniki, Theatro Dassous (3rd Dassous Festival)
  • 30 June – Epidaurus, Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus (Athens & Epidaurus Festival)

  • 1 July – Epidaurus, Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus (Athens & Epidaurus Festival)
  • 12 & 13 July – Limassol, Cyprus, Curium Ancient Theatre (International Festival of Ancient Greek Drama)
  • 20 July – Orestiada, Open Air Theatre of Orestiada
  • 22 July – Kavala, Ancient Theatre of Philippi (International Philippi & Thassos Festival)
  • 28 July – Dodoni, Ancient Theatre of Dodoni (Αncient Drama Festival)
  • 30 July – Lefkada, Open Air Theatre of Lefkada

  • 1 August – Ilida (International Festival of Ancient Ilis)
  • 3 August – Patras, Roman Odeum (International Patras Festival)
  • 5 August – Delphi, Frynihos Theatre
  • 8 August – Andros, Open Air Theatre of Andros (International Andros Festival)
  • 11 August – Dion, Ancient Theatre of Dion
  • 26 August – Nea Moudania, Open Air Theatre of Nea Moudania
  • 30 August – Papagou, Papagou Garden Theatre

  • 1 September – Ilioupolis, Theatro Alsous Ilioupolis «Dimitris Kintis»
  • 3 September – Piraeus, Veakeio Theatre 5 September – Vyronas, Theatro Vrachon “Melina Mercouri” (Festival “In the shadow of the rocks”)
  • 7 September – Larissa, “Alcazar” Garden Theatre
  • 13, 14, 15 &16 September – Thessaloniki, Vassiliko Theatre

Regular ticket: 15 €
Presale ticket price: 12 € Online ticket price (up to 15 days before the show): 10 € Discount ticket (Students / 65+ / Groups): 10 € Disabled & Escorts: 8 €
Unemployed: Free (20 seats at Theatro Dassous performance)

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GROUP TICKET: 20% discount in each zone for over 21 persons

*Applies also to holders of the European Youth Card.

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